By Airport Bus (Incheon Airport - Grand Hilton Seoul)

Bus No. 6005 (Insa Dong)
Airport bound First Bus 05:00 Final destination First Bus T1 06:25
T2 06:25
Last Bus 20:00 Last Bus T1 22:50
T2 22:30
Interval between Buses 23 times Fare 15,000 KRW
Route information
Bus stop location

Incheon Airport Terminal 1

Incheon Airport Terminal 2

How to take a bus(#6005)

Terminal 1

  1. You can purchase bus tickets and get information at ticketing offices next to Exit 4 and 9 in Arrival Hall Floor 1 (indoors) or offices next to Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C (outdoors).
  2. After buying ticket, go out through the Exit 5 and take bus #6005 at the 5B bus stop.

Terminal 2

  1. You can purchase bus tickets and get information at ticketing offices indoors on The 2nd Transportation Center (B1)
  2. After buying a ticket, go out through Exit 29~35 and take No. 6005 bus at the 29 bus stop.

By Shuttle Bus (Seoul Station - Grand Hilton Seoul)

Step 1. Subway(Airport - Seoul Station)
Step 2. Shuttle Bus (Seoul Station Gate No. 3 - Grand Hilton Seoul)
Grand Hilton Seoul - Iteawon Seoul Sation(Gate No.3) - Grand Hilton Seoul
09:00 09:35
11:00 11:35
13:00 13:35
15:00 15:35
17:00 17:15
19:00 19:35
21:00 21:35

The shuttle bus which departing from Seoul Station might be delayed by 10 minutes.

How to board a train at Incheon Int’l Airport Station
  1. Go out through the departure lounge, and go down to the first basement.
  2. Take the airport train (direct/general) for Seoul Station, and get off at Seoul Station.
How to board a train at Gimpo Airport Station
  1. Take the escalator between Gate 1 and Gate 2 and go to the subway station at Gimpo Int'l Airport Station.
  2. Go to the right side airport railroad and take an airport train for Seoul Station.
Take hotel shuttle bus at Seoul Station to Hilton Hotel
  1. Go out through Seoul Station Exit. 3. (Line No.1)
  2. You can find bus station and take a bus by referring the time schedule.

By Taxi

1. Incheon Airport - Grand Hilton Seoul
  International Taxi Korea Taxi
(Medium taxi)
55,000 KRW(55 USD) 55,000 KRW(55 USD)
2. Gimpo Airport - Grand Hilton Seoul
  International Taxi
(Medium taxi)
30,000 KRW ~ 33,000 KRW

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