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Each Korean Dermatologic Clinic serves the CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION and MEMORIAL PHOTO with chairman of clinic.

* This program is for foreigners only.
Clinic Name Ohkims Dermatology & hair transplantation center
Website http://www.ohkimsskin.com

10F New samchang Bldg, Madu-dong 802

Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si,410-811

Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Postal Code 10404

Clinic Description


With a carefully assembled team of four dermatologists, Ohkims dermatology & hair transplantation center is recognized as one of the top clinics in Korea which provide a full range of esthetic services.

Dr. Hangrae Cho, the chairman of Ohkims, holds a PhD in Dermatology and serves as the director of the Association of Korean Dermatologists, Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (KSHRS), and the Korean Academy of Corrective Dermatology (KACD). Additionally, he is a current secretary general of Korea Derma 2019.

Ohkims has its own philosophy based on two concepts – From Health to Beauty and Every Single Day to Glory Day. The former means that real beauty comes from good health, and the latter means possibility for glory day lies in the present, not the past or future. Through its philosophy, Ohkims constantly strives to go one step further for the best.

Ohkims contributes to the growth of the Korean medical tourism industry. Not only does it provide state-of-the-art treatment to many patients from Asia and Russia, but also aesthetic dermatology academy and live demonstration of procedures to foreign doctors.

Through Korean Dermatologic Clinic ONE DAY Participating Program, Ohkims offers Korea Derma 2019 participants a short training course as below:

  • Aesthetic Anti-aging Treatment Program (Botox, Filler, Thread Lifting, Jowl Contouring, Eye Bag Contouring, Deep Volume Correction with Fat)
  • Various Lasers Combination Treatment Techniques
  • Lipo-plasty
  • Hair Transplantation

A certificate of participation will be provided to all attendees by the chairman after the program.


1. Botox, Filler Thread Lifting​
When it comes to Botox & Filler techniques, Ohkims always considers the anatomical relationship among skins, muscles, fats and bones in order to provide delicate and safe treatment. Thread lifting can improve skin elasticity and restore youthful contour by stimulating the production of collagen fiber in the subcutaneous fat layer. ​

2. Jowl Contouring, Eye Bag Contouring ​
The first step to anti-aging is to improve and restore the contour of the eye area, midface and jaw line where many changes occur as people get older. Jowl and eye bag contouring treatment is designed to dissolve the fat and remodel the collagen fiber in dermis, therefore leading to plumper and more elastic skin. ​

3. Deep volume correction with fat​
The deep volume correction method can counteract an aging process by adding autologous fat to the areas of cheekbone and nasolabial folds, which tightens up the droopiness in the face and restores skin to its original position. ​

4. Laser Combination Treatment​
What concerns people most are melasma, blemishes, pigmented lesion like liver spots, blotchy skin and sagging skin. Ohkims provides laser combination treatments including pigment, vascular and lifting lasers. Based on each patient’s skin condition, Ohkims can develop a detailed and comprehensive plan with a repeated and step-by-step approach. ​

5. Lipo-plasty​
Like faces, our bodies also age over time and go through many changes in bones, muscles, fats and skins. For example, people can find subcutaneous fat more abundantly on their lower tummy or around the love handle area, at the back of their arms and on their thighs. Through lipo-plasty, patients can regain their body confidence and live a more active life, ultimately having good health.​

6. Hair Transplantation​
Ohkims is dedicated to transplanting hair using world class technology, and Dr. Cho even co-wrote American and Korean textbooks on hair transplantation. Ohkims specializes in Female Hairline Correction Surgery and Male Baldness Hair Transplantation. Treatments such as hair implanter, slit technique, strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction are always tailored to each patient’s specific condition and needs.

Program Proposal

  • PM 4:00 Departure for Center​
  • PM 4:40 Arrival and Center Tour​
  • PM 5:00 Lecture on Anti-aging Esthetic Medicine​
  • PM 6:00 Dinner​
  • PM 7:00 Live Demonstration​
  • PM 8:30 Q&A​
  • PM 9:00 Certificate Presentation & Photo​
  • PM 9:20 Departure for Hotel​
  • PM 10:00 Arrival​
Clinic Name JF(Jubilant Face) Dermatology Clinic
Website http://www.jfclinic.com

7&6 Floor, Anam Building, 616, Young-Dong Dae-Ro,



Postal Code 06081

Clinic Description

“Jubilant” derives from the Latin word “Jubilate”, which means “Being glad and happy, and widely proclaiming and passing it on”. JF(Jubilant Face) Dermatologic Clinic is proclaiming the significance of a smile on a “face overwhelming with gladness and happiness” to the world, propagating “100% safe and fundamental anti-aging medical techniques without using knives but only local anesthesia” to fellow dermatology specialists.


To help for a healthier and actively enjoyable life by providing happiness and vitality through pleasing impressions not limited to just young looks. This is the mission of JF Dermatologic clinic.

To become a clinic with social values that can propagate an anti-aging technique culture that is 100% safe and naturally restores and delays fundamental aging. This is the vision of JF Dermatologic clinic.


JF Dermatologic Clinic strictly abides the following principles.

  1. All our treatments do not use knives, and is carried out by 100% safe local anesthesia. Incisions leading to irrevocable tissue damages to cure aging and sleep anesthesia, which is more dangerous than general anesthesia should be sublated.
  2. Understanding the precise cause for aging process and correcting the fundamental cause. 
For example, a treatment that fills up the nasolabial fold, which is caused due to the sagging of the cheek skin, is not a cause-fit treatment.
  3. With high-precision techniques that minimize the internal tissue damages, treatments are carried out to minimize swells and bruises, and to maximize natural healing ability. Swells and bruises eventually disappear but the durability of a damaged internal tissue is declined for lifetime.
  4. We aim for “natural results” that will not feel awkward with the long lapse of time. Beauty that is not within the world will tend to become awkward as time passes by. Aging is progressively restored step-by-step, not by making a one-time big transition.


A certificate of participation will be provided to all attendees by the chairman after the program.

  1. Jowl & Eye Bag Contouring Surgery
  2. Deep & Shallow Volume Correction
  3. Facial Expression Clinic
  4. Thread Lifting & Tightening


  1. Autologous Breast Reconstruction with Fat and Thread
  2. Autologous Hand Reconstruction with Fat
  3. 100% Local Anesthetic Liposuction
  4. Correction of Body Contour with Botulinum Toxin

Program Proposal

  • PM 4:00 Departure for Center
  • PM 4:40 Arrival and Center Tour
  • PM 5:00
    • Lecture 1: The new Korean paradigm of surgical anti-aging fields
    • Lecture 2: JF’s NINS(Non-incision & Non-sedation) surgery for anti-aging treatment
  • PM 6:30 Dinner
  • PM 7:00 Live Demonstration:
    • 1) Non-tension Thread lifting technique
    • 2) Re-balancing toxin injection technique of JF’s IMGE CLINIC
    • 3) ECM-inducing injection technique
    • 4) Midface volume augmentation: DCV(Deep cheek volumization) without nasolabial fold filling
  • PM 9:00 Q&A
  • PM 9:20 Certificate Presentation & Photo
  • PM 9:40 Departure for Hotel
  • PM 10:30 Hotel arrival
Clinic Name Skyfeel Dermatologic Clinic
Website http://skyfeel.co.kr/

3F SMARTEXCHANGE B/D, 13, Dosan-daero

49-gil, Gangnam-Gu,

Seoul, Korea

Postal Code 06020

Clinic Description

Skyfeel Dermatologic Clinic is a specialized hospital located in Apgujeong Rodeo Street which the leading trend area with a focus on K-beauty. Since 2007, our medical team including 2 dermatologists (Ph.D.) and 15 nurses, estheticians and service coordinators has been providing patient-centered medical services for over 10 years.

Skyfeel Dermatologic Clinic has premium equipment such as CO2 laser, IPL, Cellec, Max G, long alexandrite (Accento), Nd-yag laser (Revlite SI, Picoplus), Cynergy Multiplex (PDL 585+long-pulse Nd-yag 1064; vascular-specific laser) for pigment treatment, ULTRAcel (HIFU, Grid RF, FRM), Scarlet (FRM), Arneb for lifting, and StarLux, Intracel, Pearl laser for peeling as well as LDM, Cryo, ultrasonic and high frequency devices, Ionzyme and Vitaliont.

Skyfeel has been recognized nationwide among patients who have experienced side effects from laser and other treatments for intractable pigmentation, acne and skin flushing. Since 2008, when we first started the dual laser toning methods to treat the side effects from melasma treatment, we have specialized in a melasma treatment that is safe and causes no harmful side effects.

Chun Pill Choi, the chief director of Skyfeel Dermatologic Clinic, now serves as a key doctor of Cynosure’s Revlite SI and Cynergy Multiplex Laser, Lutronic’s Picoplus and Jeisys Medical's Intracel and Utracel. He is also a director of information committee and a member of scientific and publication committee of the Association of Korean Dermatologists, and a director of public relations of Korean Society of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.

Program Proposal

  • PM 5:00 Arrival, Refreshment or Dinner
  • PM 6:00~7:00 Treatment of Melasma (Dual laser toning) presentation
  • PM 7:00~8:00 Laser Treatment Demonstration and Practice
  • PM 8:00~9:00 Discussion
Clinic Name Yonsei Star Skin & Laser Clinic
Website http://www.starskin.co.kr/

6th Floor, Changcheon-dong 72-14,


Seoul, Korea

Postal Code 03789

Clinic Description

Dermatology with over 30 cutting edge laser equipment that produces superb treatment results.

Yonsei Star Skin & Laser Clinic is considered a world-class clinic, and it does not hesitate to invest in equipment to increase treatment success rate. Likewise, it has over 30 cutting edge laser equipment.

Yonsei Star Skin & Laser Clinic does not merely select and use cutting edge devices that suit diverse complication, but also there are many instances in which two or three laser equipment are used together while treating one complication, by doing so, it is possible to increase the effect by mixing together the different laser since they interact. Pinhole multilayer(burn scar), Triple repair(acne scar) and Laser cocktail(anti-aging), Triple Brightening(whitening) treatment methods are the representative examples.

In case of the complications that are connected, patients satisfaction level is bound to increase since treatment methods are administered at the same time.

The reason that the laser can be used together is because of the combination of the research on the diverse equipment and the medical team’s rich clinical experiences. Thanks to these proprietary treatment methods, the clinic offers superb treatment results for the anti-aging such as wrinkle and elasticity, scars and intractable complications.


Global leader of laser scar treatment that treated over 65,000 scars.

Starting from the early 2000s when the concept of cosmetic scar treatment was lacking, Yonsei Star adopted diverse scar treatment methods using laser for the first time Korea. For instance, it administered the burn scar treatment using Pinhole method. During the past 16 years, it administered over 10,000 treatment cases, not just burn scar treatment, but also for other high complexi scar treatments for acne scar, surgery scar, keloid scar, hesitation scar and others. Diverse clinical study cases and accumulated data are researched anew, and the learned latest treatment methods are applied to the clinical study once again to increase treatment effect.

The quantity and quality of the papers published both in and out of Korea are overwhelming. Unlike most of the private clinics, there are over 150 papers published in the American Academy of Dermatology(AAD), European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology(EADV) and others during the last 16 years.


One of the most specialized dermatology in Korea that presents solutions for intractable complications.

Yonsei Star Skin & Laser Clinic is known in the world as the clinic that many good treatment results as it continues to develop new treatment method, to carry out incessant research and to publish research papers.

The clinic treats intractable complication such as melasma, Congenital nevi, café-au-lait spot, port-wine mark, syringoma and others that the other clinics find it difficult to treat, based on the technological capability gained while 5 dermatologists carry out diagnosis and research. The clinic is fiercely supported by the patients who had given up on the treatment until now thanks to the superb treatment effect.

Program Proposal

  • PM 5:00~6:00 : Arrival / Yonsei Star Skin & Laser Clinic Tour
  • PM 6:00~8:00 : Lecture on diverse laser equipment and on hand demonstration
  • PM 8:00~9:00 : Q&A
Clinic Name Yemiwon Dermatolgic Clinic
Website www.yemiwondogok.co.kr

7F, Yeocheon bldg., 2909, Nambusunhwan-ro.


Seoul, Korea

Postal Code 06280

Clinic Description

  1. Injection: Filler, Toxin, Thread, PRP, PDRN
  2. Laser
  3. Medical skin care
  4. Hair care

Program Proposal

  • PM 5:00~6:00 Filler injection technique lecture (Video Included)



    Nasolabial fold

    Marionette line, Prejowl sulcus

  • PM 6:00~6:20 Q & A
  • PM 6:20~7:20 Filler live
  • PM 7:20~7:40 Coffee break & Dinner
  • PM 7:40~8:40 Toxin injection technique lecture (Video Included)

    Forehead, Glabellar, Periorbital

    Temple, Masseter, Cheek Neck, Body

  • PM 8:40~9:00 Q & A
  • PM 9:00~9:40 Toxin live

Gangnam Arumdaun Nara​

Clinic Name Drs. Woo & Hann's Skin and Laser Center
Website www.wooskin.co.kr

Hangang-daero 312


Seoul, Korea

Postal Code 04334

Clinic Description

Welcome to Drs. Woo & Hann's Skin & Laser Clinic


Welcome to Drs. Woo & Hann’s skin clinic. Drs. Woo & Hann’s skin clinic was established in 1975 with the aim to provide the ultimate in treatment of skin disease and in skin care. Our clinic offers the most up to date techniques, products, and services to keep your skin healthy and young. Our clinic is equipped with laser equipment and medical tools from world renowned companies and manufacturers to ensure that you can receive the most effective treatments. We offer also cosmetic laser surgeries, energy based device treatments, and other extensive aesthetic procedures. Our clinic also offers one of the most renowned clinically proven and effective skin care programs. The staffs in Drs. Woo & Hann’s skin clinic include experienced dermatology board certified doctors, highly trained nurses and estheticians that deliver effective treatments with care and comfort.

Dr. Geun-Soo Lee, who is the Director of Laser Center in Dr. Woo & Hann’s Skin & Laser Clinic, received M.D. and Ph.D. degree from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. He is board certified dermatologist of Korea. In terms of social activities, he had taken charge of the educational secretary of the Association of Korean Dermatologist from 2006 to 2009. And afterward, he had taken charge of the educational secretary of the Association of Korean Dermatologist from 2009 to 2013. He had contributed to the scientific committee of the Association of Korean Dermatologist as one of the organizer from 2009 to 2013. Now, he is chairperson of the scientific committee of the Association of Korean Dermatologist. He is also working as secretary of international relation at Korean Society for Laser medicine. He has given a number of lectures on laser treatments and light source at the domestic and Asian national or regional conferences such as Easy Asia Dermatology Conference, Korea-Japan Joint Meeting of Dermatology and International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He gave presentations about fractional laser treatment in Taiwan, Japan, USA, Thailand and Singapore as an invited speaker. He joined as faculty in IMCAS (International Master Couse on Aging Science). He wrote scientific papers in Dermatologic surgery, Laser Therapy, Annals of Dermatology, and Journal of Dermatological Treatment. He participated as a co-author Textbook of Dermatologic Surgery written in Korean. He wrote His major concerns are pigmented skin disease treatments including melasma, photodamages, fractional technology, and non-ablative skin rejuvenation with lasers, ultrasound, radiofrequency, or light sources.

Our lase treatments include:

  • Permanent laser hair removal for all skin type
  • Vascular laser treatment for facial & body spider vein
  • Laser for pigment, birthmark and tattoo
  • IPL & Skin Rejuvenation
  • Laser for scar tissue remodeling (acne, burn, and surgical scars)
  • Eximer laser for vitiligo & psoriasis
  • Photodynamic therapy for actinic keratosis and acne
  • Infrared laser skin tightening & lifting

Other esthetic procedures include:

  • Chemical peelings
  • Botox & fillers
  • Medical microdermabrasion
  • Iontophoresis & phonophoresi

Program Proposal

  • PM 4:00 : Pick up at Grand Hilton Hotel
  • PM 4:50~5:15 : Arrive at clinic and, clinic tour
  • PM 5:15~5:50 : Basic concept of laser tissue interaction from picosecond laser to long pulse laser
  • PM 5:50~6:05 : Coffee break
  • PM 6:05~6:40 : Live demonstration of various picosecond laser treatments
  • PM 6:40~6:50 : Q & A
  • PM 6:50~7:20 : Live demonstration of pulsed dye laser and long pulse lasers
  • PM 7:20~7:30 : Q & A
  • PM 7:30~8:00 : Coffee break & Snack
  • PM 8:00~8:30 : Live demonstration of fractional lasers
  • PM 8:30~8:40 : Q & A
Clinic Name Widwin Dermatology Clinic
Website http://widwinskin.com/

4F, I.S.A Building, 51, Apgujeong-ro 30-gil,


Seoul,S Korea

Postal Code 06025

Clinic Description

About Widwin Dermatology Clinic

Widwin Dermatology Clinic has had more than 7,000 procedures, including liposuction, fat transplantation, thread lifting, Botox, filler, and laser treatments, since Dr. Jaebong Lee M.D., Ph.D. has started training programs in USA and Europe in 2002. It’s not like every patient can expect the exact same result just because they received the same procedure in the same way. A procedure might be very effective for some patients, but at the same time, it might not be as effective for some others. Therefore, it is important to provide a personalized procedure design for each individual patient based on their characteristics and needs. For patients’ precious skin, it is very important to choose a right dermatology clinic with extensive clinical experiences and accumulated know-hows.

Widwin Dermatology Clinic’s Philosophy

Healthy skin makes healthy mind, and beautiful skin makes life beautiful. The name ‘Widwin’ means ‘we accompany our patients for their tomorrow to be brighter than yesterday’. Skin is the most outstanding feature in our body. Also, it takes up most areas of our body, from head to toe. Therefore, we believe that skin has many effects in our lives. As skin is very important, we have developed our unique procedures for rejuvenation, pigmentation, scar, dermatoxin, filler and laser treatments, etc through many training programs. Moreover, to increase our patients’ level of satisfaction and to treat fundamental problems of skin, we have been brining natural beauty to our patients by using growth factors containing highly concentrated exosomes treatments and transdermal drug delivery, with which you will be able to experience our know-hows accumulated for over 17 years.

‘BELLA Series’ and ‘Widwin’, the leader of Korea’s dermatology treating fundamental problems of skin

To treat skin’s fundamental problems, Widwin Dermatology Clinic would like to introduce a Widwin Dermatology Clinic exclusive secret program called ‘BELLA SERIES PROGRAM (BELLASONIC2X, BELLALUX, BELLASTEM)’ through this KOREA DERMA 2019 Hospital Exploring program.



BELLASONIC2X is a high-tech dermatologic machine that comes with two different functions using ultrasonic waves, which can be used for various treatments. This dual ultrasonic wave machine, providing both high-frequency ultrasonic waves ‘Bellasono’ and low-frequency ultrasonic waves ‘Bellapact’, is perfect to use for skin soothing, moisturizing, permeating medicinal substances into skin, and improving skin elasticity, blemish, and fine wrinkles.


Bellasono are combined ultrasonic waves of 3.3MHz, 10MHz, and 3&10MHz. They deliver fine tremors up to ten million times per second from the surface of skin to the cells located on the subcutaneous fat layer, which then effects skin immune cells to balance the cells accelerating ageing and to optimize the balance between collagen and moisture, thereby making the cells healthier overall.


Bellapact are low-frequency ultrasonic waves of 40KHz. Using Bellapact, you can perform Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS), which helps medicinal substances, with some essential ingredients that cannot be permeated into skin by just applying on it, to be deeply absorbed into skin without any pain. Especially through Micro-channels that are produced after Fractional laser, RF Needle, or MTS, it delivers growth factors of Bellasteam95%, BELLAPACT, and highly concentrated exosomes deep down into skin very effectively, thereby inducing skin cell regeneration and making skin healthy. Moreover, it can be very helpful for some issues like acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and hair loss.

Related Video:   view video


Dr. Jae-bong Lee M.D, Ph.D., the director of Widwin Dermatology Clinic, developed BELLASTEM95% that contain highly concentrated exosomes. Along with Bellasonic, he uses Bellastem95%, cytokines and growth factors, which are produced in the process of Adipose Stem Cell Conditioned Media when cell division occurs. There are many researches going on exosomes as they seem to have a high potential to be used as a medicinal substances transporter because exosomes have directionality to certain cells. Furthermore, exosomes that are produced from steam cells are known to have a strong cell regeneration effect. Thus, exosomes treatments are being introduced even to dermatologic fields these days. Using this protocols, Widwin derives the best result that not anyone, but only Widwin can make.


Bellalux is a dermatologic machine with four different wavelengths of 850nm, 460nm, 592nm, and 625nm using the principle of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It is used for swelling, bruising, or pain after some procedures like laser, fat transplantation, liposuction, thread lifting, etc. It uses some special kind of light that activates various cells in skin, and it can prevent pain and infection, and get rid of edema after getting a procedure, which then ultimately promoting regeneration of cell tissues. Moreover, it also boosts collagen formations during a skin healing process, and has a synergy effect of restoring healthy elastic skin. In order to deliver energy all the way down to the inner skin, High Power LED is installed in Bellalux, so that the density of photons is maximized. Because it can also be used for not only restoring skin, but also for hair loss, acne, and blemish, it can offer various synergy effects in many different combinations of procedures.


Widwin Dermatology Clinic, along with Bella series, offers the following training programs at KOREA DERMA 2019

① Thread Lifting (PDO, Nfix, Ncog, Nscaffold)

② Various Fractional EBD with Bellaseries for acne scar, skin rejuvenation and hair regrowth

③ Needle RF(POTENZA) with DDS system for acne scar and rejuvenation

④ Filler injection with “The Chaeum®” HA fillers (Distributor: Hugel, Inc.)

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N:Finders: http://www.nfinders.com/

Tcellmed: http://tcellmed.com/

Widwin: http://widwinskin.com/

Hugel: http://www.hugel.co.kr/en/ 

Program Proposal

  • PM 4:00 Departure from hotel
  • PM 4:40 Arrival and Widwin tour
  • PM 5:00 Lecture for Thread lifting (PDO, Nfix, Ncog, Nscaffold)
  • PM 5:30 Lecture for Various Fractional EBD with Bellaseries for acne scar, skin rejuvenation and hair regrowth
  • PM 6:00 Dinner
  • PM 7:00 Live Demonstration
  • PM 8:30 Q&A
  • PM 9:00 Certificate presentation & Photo time
  • PM 9:20 Departure for hotel
  • PM 10:00 Arrival

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