Program in Detail

March 27 (Saturday)

Room A

Anatomy and complications for safe filler injection
Chairperson Sang Joon Lee (Korea)
16:30~17:00 (30min) Facial anatomy for safe filler injection Won Seok Jung (Korea)
17:00~17:25 (30min) Complications of filler treatment (blindness or necrosis)? Chun Sik Yoon (Korea)
Filler master's session
Chairperson Chang Geun Oh (Korea)
17:55~18:35 (40min) The way of being a filler expert Su Geun Lee (Korea)
18:35~18:55 (20min) 미정 미정 (해외)
Filler battle for Lower face
Chairperson Jae Hong Kim (Korea)
19:20~20:05 (45min) My treatment for lower face (video) Nak Kyeong Roh (Korea)
My treatment for lower face (video) Chang Sik Kim (Korea)
Filler battle for Mid face
Chairperson Hyun Jo Kim (Korea)
20:15~21:00 (45min) My treatment for Mid face (video) Hyo Jin Roh (Korea)
My treatment for Mid face (video) Woon Kyeong Jung (Korea)
Filler battle for Upper face
Chairperson Jong Yup Kim (Korea)
21:10~21:55 (45min) My treatment for upper face (video) Sae Bo Mi Park (Korea)
My treatment for upper face (video) Sung Jae Yoon (Korea)

Room B

Fundumentals of EBD lifting
16:30~16:45 (15min) Anatomy for lifting treatment using RF and HIFU Chang Geun Oh (OZ Dermatology Clinic, Korea)
16:45~17:00 (15min) The history and future of lifting using EBD Chang Hoon Heo (Korea)
17:00~17:15 (15min) Counseling approaches for high satisfaction of lifting patients Woon Kyeong Jung (Korea)
17:15~17:30 (15min) (미정) (미정)
RF device for lifting
17:55~18:10 (15min) Theoretical background of RF device lifting Won Seok Kim (Korea)
18:10~18:25 (15min) How to use RF device for better lifting result Dong Hye Seo (Areumdaun-Nara Dermatology Clinic, Korea)
18:25~18:40 (15min) (미정) (미정)
18:40~18:55 (15min) (미정) (미정)
Focused ultrasound device for lifting
19:20~19:35 (15min) Theoretical background of HIFU device lifting Ju Yeon Ko (Korea)
19:35~19:50 (15min) How to use HIFU device for better lifting result Hyun Chul Sung (Dortors Dermatology Clinic, Korea)
19:50~20:05 (20min) (미정) (미정)
20:05~20:20 (15min) (미정) (미정)
Various EBDs for lifting
20:45~21:00 (15min) Combination treatment for lifting using RF and HIFU Byeong Ki Bae (Feelsogood Dermatology Clinic, Korea)
21:00~21:15 (15min) Lifting treatment using Needle RF Jae Yong Ban (Korea)
21:15~21:30 (15min) (미정) (미정)
21:30~21:45 (15min) (미정) (미정)

March 28 (Sunday)

Encore Sponsor Lecture (VOD)

윈텍 Skin rejuvenation treatment for improvement of full-thickness skin of asian by using picocare and picowon Seiko Kou
Sandro dual multi-station laser Gamal Mohamed Alhadad
V-Laser : V-Laser for vascular lesions Hugues Cartier
동아 발톱무좀의 유형에 따른 치료 전략 황철
한국가이드라인에 의한 만성 두드러기의 치료 이동훈
Recalcitrant onychomycosis : causes and treatment 이원주
루트로닉 Presentation of Clinical Data High Power 1927nm Thulium Laser LaseMD Ultra Ideal for Today's Busy Aesthetic Practice Emil Anthony Tanghetti
A genius way to add volume Edward Victor Ross
대웅 Midface rejuvenation using botulinum toxin and filler 정재윤
Lessons from the last 20 years in k-beauty: where are we now? which direction should we change into in the future? 정찬우
앨러간 Why I trust Botox 이원신
알마 The latest progress of thermolift plus applied to facial lifting Xiaozhong Zhao
켄델라 Achieving optimal results with the innovative 4 wavelengths shortest pulse duration picosecond laser system Firas Al-Niaimi
사이노슈어 The use of lux-g and xf & xd 1540 nm fractional non-ablative laser for various dermatological indications Christine Dierickx
루매니스 M22 with resurfx is enough 이준
멀츠 The gold standard for skin tightening and lifting : A new paradigm for hyperpersonal lift 김민주
솔타 Thermage FLX two years of clinical experience, survey of dermatologist 서동혜
SNJ KAISER 300 : New rejuvenation paradigm with 300um fractional CO2 laser 노효진
제이시스 Facial contouring with a novel linear HIFU, ULTRAcel Q+ 이도영
클래시스 Energy based Aesthetic Medicine What's more to be expected? Skin rejuvenation by utilizing high intensity focused ultrasound (Ultraformer III) Jonathan TePeng Tseng

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