Scientific Program

March 27– 28, 2021

All dates are based on Korean standard time(GMT +9)

March 27 (LIVE)

16:15 Opening Ceremony
16:30 Anatomy and complications for safe filler injection 16:30 Fundumentals of EBD lifting
17:40 Break time 17:40 Break time
17:55 Master's session 17:55 RF device for lifting
19:05 Break time 19:05 Break time
19:20 Filler battle for Lower face 19:20 Focused ultrasound device for lifting
20:05 Break time
20:15 Filler battle for Mid face 20:30 Break time
20:45 Various EBDs for lifting
21:00 Break time
21:10 Filler battle for Upper face
21:55 Oral Presentation & E-Poster Display

March 28

Sponsored Symposium 23rd Annual Spring Meeting of AKD (for Korean Dermatologists)


16:15~16:30 (15분) Opening Ceremony
16:30~17:40 (70분)   Fundumentals of EBD lifting  
16:30~16:45 (15분) Anatomy for lifting treatment using RF and HIFU 오창근(오즈피부과)
16:45~17:00 (15분) The history and future of lifting using EBD 허창훈
17:00~17:15 (15분) Counseling approaches for high satisfaction of lifting patients 정운경
17:15~17:30 (15분) (미정) 미정(해외)
17:25~17:40 (10분) Q&A  
  15분 Break time
17:55~19:05 (70분)   RF device for lifting  
17:55~18:10 (15분) Theoretical background of RF device lifting 김원석
18:10~18:25 (15분) How to use RF device for better lifting result 서동혜 (아름다운나라피부과)
18:25~18:40 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
18:40~18:55 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
18:55~19:05 (10분) Q&A  
  15분 Break time
19:20~20:30 (70분)   Focused ultrasound device for lifting  
19:20~19:35 (15분) Theoretical background of HIFU device lifting 고주연
19:35~19:50 (15분) How to use HIFU device for better lifting result 성현철(닥터스피부과)
19:50~20:05 (20분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
20:05~20:20 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
20:20~20:30 (10분) Q&A  
  15분 Break time
20:45~21:55 (70분)   Various EBDs for lifting  
20:45~21:00 (15분) Combination treatment for lifting using RF and HIFU 배병기(기분좋은피부과)
21:00~21:15 (15분) Lifting treatment using Needle RF 반재용
21:15~21:30 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
21:30~21:45 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
21:45~21:55 (10분) Q&A  

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